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One Life to Live
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August 28, 2008

On today's One Life to Live, Gigi and Rex head to the Bonjour Cafe to grab a bite before flying back to Llanview. Welcoming his friend home, John assures Bo he was only keeping the commissioner's seat warm for its true occupant.

Todd presses Tess to admit that she's been tinkering with some evil scheme centered on Llanfair's cellar. In Mendorra, Talia feigns horror and disgust at the sight of her husband and her father lying naked in each other's arms. Jared encourages Carlotta to hire his dad to rebuild her diner.

Bo tells John he has no intention of asking for his old job back.

Rex confides to Gigi his concern that his own lack of a father will impact his relationship with Shane. Carlo and Jonas awaken to find a gaggle of goggle-eyed reporters snapping photos of their scandalous "liaison."

Though both men frantically insist they were drugged and framed, Talia loudly continues to play the injured party for the benefit of the press.

Tess threatens to rat Todd out to John McBain if he dares to snoop into her private affairs. As Charlie agrees to draw up an estimate for Carlotta, Natalie commends Jared for helping out his dad.

Later, Jared confides to an appalled Natalie how Clint offered him a highly unethical business proposition.

Rex explains to Moe and Noelle how he plans to ask his wife for a divorce so he and Gigi will be free to be together at long last.

Markko disapproves of Langston paying Delphina big bucks for another psychic reading. John forces the mayor to reinstate Bo as police commissioner.

A sputtering Carlo and Jonas are arrested for fraud. Noelle happily shows off her engagement ring to Gigi.

Delphina tells Langston she still has a blood relative in Colombia. Todd attempts to coax Jessica out but Tess refuses to give up control.

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