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One Life to Live
August 4, 2008

Today on One Life to Live:

Carlo promises the people of Mendorra that Tina and Cain will pay for their treachery with their lives. Meanwhile, a grinning Jonas crows to his new bride how he personally discarded Antonio with his knife.

In 1968, Renee commends Bo for doing the right thing by Emma. Dallas and Clint enjoy a stroll down memory lane as Nora begins to feel like a fifth wheel.

Disguised as palace guards, Cris and Antonio infiltrate the crowd.
Brody asks Gigi to meet him at Rodi's so they can both apply for jobs.

Maria decides to tell Clint about the baby she's carrying but Bo manages to intervene just in the nick of time. David shows Clint the annulment papers as proof that he's kept his end of their bargain.

Antonio slips into the king's bedchamber and punches Jonas out before escaping with a thrilled Talia. Bo quietly reminds Rex why they must be careful not to change the past.

Gigi can't stop thinking about the strange call from Rex. After Nora catches David in a lie, Clint throws him out of the house. Cris rescues Tina and Cain from the executioner.

Jeremiah advises Rex and Bo to return to the portal where they first began traveling through time. Carlo and his goons surround Talia, Antonio, Tina, Cain and Cristian.

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One Life To Live
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