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Brody tries to cheer Jessica up when she talks about how sad today is. She admits that it feels to her like her own child has died.

Marcie thanks Michael for staying the night with her and laments never knowing Starr's baby. Viki finally comes home after a night of bliss with Charlie and tells Natalie that they're back together.

Dorian helps Langston talk about today's funeral and her feelings.

Langston assures Markko that she wants him at the funeral today. Andrew finds Starr at the church before the funeral for her baby and offers her advice on how to deal with her sad feelings today.

He suggests that she open up to her friends and "share the loss," leaning on people if she needs to.

Starr tells him what her father did to Marty and how much pain and anguish he's caused. Cole wonders to Marty how he's going to face everyone today.

She urges him to do what he wants to do as far as mourning goes because there are no rules. He urges her to be there with him but she claims he deserves to have a memorial service without having to worry about her.

Before he leaves for the church, Cole surprises Marty with the book containing "Jabberwocky," his favorite poem, which she used to read to him when he was a child.

As she opens to the poem and starts reading, she's reminded of her past with her son. Dorian complains to John and Blair that Marty failed to show for her own granddaughter's funeral.

Later, at the cemetery, Cole is touched when Marty arrives.

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