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As Carlotta welcomes Tea back to Llanview, Antonio asks why she's back. Before she can answer, he guesses she's going to defend Todd.

Tea responds that even someone like Todd has a right to counsel.

Nora offers Todd a deal of 25 years in prison to forgo a trial for Marty's sake.

When he doesn't respond, she points out the media has demanded permission to broadcast his trial live and again pleads with him to end this misery now.

Nora's disgusted when Todd claims that he fell in love with Marty.

At the cemetery, Starr apologizes to Marty for what her father did to her and explains that he has to lie to everyone about everything in his life.

Returning to the church, Marty runs into Andrew and admits she doesn't know him due to her amnesia.

Andrew sits her down and talks about her past. Hearing that she intends to hurt Todd the way he hurt her, Andrew urges her not to waste her energy on the guy but she remains driven.

Lola approaches Langston for help hiding her from the immigration cops. Addie reads Jack the riot act for throwing Moe's special food in the fireplace and then updates the chef about why the boy is so upset.

Seeing Vanessa emerge from the bathroom wearing only a towel, Sarah privately complains to Cristian about the lack of privacy.

Unwilling to oust Vanessa, he assures Sarah that he loves her. After a reunion, Tea suggests to Cristian that the easiest way to keep Vanessa in the country would be to marry an American.

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