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Sarah worries to Viki that she's losing Cristian to another. Viki urges her to stand up and fight for the man she loves.

Cristian and Vanessa explain to Tea the events leading up to her battle with immigration. Tea suggests that she may not be married which might allow her to marry an American to stay in the country.

After Tea leaves, Vanessa asks if Cristian will marry her. Urging Cole to forget attending Todd's hearing, Cole angrily insists on being there.

She admits that she doesn't want this to go to trial for his mother's sake. Todd's embarrassed when Blair brings Jack to see him behind bars.

Admitting he has questions about his dad, Blair claims this is good for their son.

Todd describes his feelings for Marty and confesses that he was actually planning to leave town without saying goodbye to him or anyone else.

He denies that he loves Marty more than him which makes the boy wonder why he was going to leave him. Offering her Moe's latest creation from the kitchen, Dorian encourages Starr to regain her strength after all that has happened.

Starr seeks advice from Dorian on what to do about her father and her mother. Dorian assures her that she's stronger than both of her parents. Finding her at the church, John's concerned about Marty's emotional state.

He offers to drive her to the courthouse when she insists on attending Todd's arraignment so she can hear the charges against her captor.

There, he and Cole protect Marty from a group of reporters.

After Nora reads the charges against him, Todd reacts to hear the last one is rape in the first degree.

He's about to make his plea when Tea arrives and stops him.

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