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Caught by surprise when he asks him to marry her, Cristian tells Vanessa he can't do that because he loves Sarah too much to hurt her. Be vows to help her because she rescued him from prison.

As his secret comes out during group therapy, Brody's forced to admit why he shot Shane's father.

He describes how he felt when he shot and killed a ten- year old boy during the war in Iraq and imagines seeing the armed kid sitting across from him.

Jessica is upset by his story and later tells Brody that she needs to see her daughter. Rex tries to reassure Shane that it's okay to think about Brody.

Hearing it's the only thing he wants for Christmas, Rex makes plans to buy Shane a Z-Box, the latest electronic game, but discovers he's broke.

However, he opts not to tell Gigi. Tea advises the judge that she is in court to save Todd from himself.

Todd insists he doesn't need her legal skills and announces that he is pleading guilty to all charges.

Convincing the judge to give her five minutes with him, Tea convinces Todd to fight the charges and show all of Llanview that he's a changed man.

Nora's furious when the judge okays Todd changing his plea to not guilty. Blair warns Tea to stay away from Starr.

Marty lies to John about why she knows Tea was married to Todd.

With her deportation hearing today, Langston offers Lola a gift from her mother and hopes it brings her luck.

When Vanessa and Cristian arrive and mention Tea's marriage idea, Lola urges Cristian to marry Vanessa but he again refuses.

Pulling him aside, Sarah asks him if he wants to marry her rival.

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