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Cole warns Tea that Todd is going to destroy her. Tea advises Cole and Starr that it's not a black and white situation.

Rex takes Shane to see Santa Bo but the boy is embarrassed and warns that he knows there is no such thing as the jolly old fellow.

While Bo takes Shane and Rex for some hot cocoa, Marcie opens up to Gigi about being lonely. She's cheered when Natalie lets her hold Chloe.

Hearing about Rex's money problems, Bo offers him cash but he won't take the charity. Santa Bo returns to his post and lights the Christmas tree.

When the judge won't change his deportation ruling, Cristian announces that he's going to marry Vanessa and asks the judge not to send his fiancee away.

The judge guesses that he's committing fraud but Tea arrives and quickly takes up Cristian's cause, much to Sarah's displeasure.

The judge orders them to report to his court 24 hours from now for a B.I.A. interview. After they show her the death threat, Tea takes a secret phone call about today's events and boasts that she has them "eating out of the palm of her hand."

Later, Sarah packs her things and walks out on Cristian. Furious that Brody interrupted their sex, Tess tells Dr. Levin that he was forcing himself on her.

When the doctor orders a sedative for her, Tess admits who she is and then leaks Brody's secret about "seeing" the Iraqi child he killed.

Hoping to cheer everyone up after a lousy day, Cole announces to Markko, Star and Langston that he and Addie are going to swim the river tonight.

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One Life To Live
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