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Dr. Joplin receives a report from Bob about the Manning baby and is told the baby should not be dead. She tries to excuse what happened but Bob claims a blood transfusion would have saved the baby so "it's on you."

After he leaves, the doctor accesses the NICU files.

Marty wakes from a nightmare about Todd and confides to Nora how tormented she is by her thoughts. Nora talks about her own experience being betrayed by a loved one and how she dealt with the resulting scars.

Starr confronts her father and asks if he was really planning to steal her baby. Deciding not to answer, Todd assures Starr he feels sorry for the loss of her baby after carrying it for nine months.

She again demands an answer to her question and he finally admits that it was his plan. He quickly starts badmouthing Marcie as an excuse for his plan but she doesn't accept it.

Todd then claims that he actually changed his mind about raising her baby with Marty. When she asks why he came up with this outrageous plan, Todd claims he fell in love with Marty but Starr cries that he doesn't know what love is.

Congratulating him on telling his boss off, Roxy is curious about which woman John is going to stay with, Marty or Blair.

While Dorian offers encouragement to Blair to act on her feelings for John, Blair points out that when he needed someone, John turned to her but Dorian asks who he went to first.

Dorian, Blair, Starr and Marcie confront Dr. Joplin who offers to tell them everything.

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