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Tea's shocked to stop by Todd's place with a bottle of champagne and finds he has a date for the night.

Realizing it's Marty, Tea insists that he cancel his date because she thinks it's a trap.

After he leaves, Tea takes a call from a jailed Ray and boasts that the threat worked as Cristian married Vanessa just like she predicted he would.

Tea adds that soon, Vanessa will let down her defenses so Tea can find out what she needs to clear Ray.

He reminds the attorney that he doesn't want Lola to get hurt. Marty welcomes Todd inside and invites him to search the place and her for listening devices that she might use to trap him.

After asking him to remind her of all the terrible things he did to her, Marty confesses that she loves him but doesn't know what to do about it. When she removes his huge bandage on his face and finds no scar, a shaken Marty runs to the roof.

Rex introduces Puddle of Mudd's lead singer Wes Scantling to Gigi. Not in the mood for the concert, Star and Cole leave the Ultraviolet.

He's unnerved when they find the numerous newspaper clippings about Todd in his mother's bed. Blair is shocked to find John bought Rodi's and will be running it himself.

When she warns him how difficult it is, he pulls out a ten dollar bill and bets her that he'll still be running the place in six months.

Cristian tries to convince Sarah to come out with him and Vanessa to celebrate the New Year but when she refuses, Talia and Layla bring him to the Ultraviolet.

There, Layla looks for her blind date and worries when she realizes it may be Talia's friend "Fish." Seeing Cristian kiss Vanessa via a streaming video, Sarah considers reporting their fraudulent marriage to the INS.

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