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  • Today on One Life to Live, at St. Ann's, Allison continues to taunt Jessica about a secret she claims she knows about Jessica's family.
  • Rex turns to Bo for advice about finding his father. Roxy urges Charlie to go along with the ruse that he's really Rex's father.
  • Viki is surprised by the changes in Addie. Charlie and Viki come face to face at Dorian's. Dorian warns Jared to give Charlie another chance
  • Gigi is sympathetic to John's tragic loss when he tells her about Marty's death and role Ramsey may or may not have played in it.
  • Adriana goes to see John but encounters Gigi instead. She's shocked to see he has a son. Renee stops Clint and Nora from kicking Jared out.
One Life To Live
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