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PART ONE: Today on One Life to Live, Starr complains to Dorian about the way her boyfriend and her BFF  have trampled on her heart. Meanwhile, Rex tells an astonished Cole and Langston how he's arranged to have Mary J. Blige perform at their friend's surprise Sweet 16 party. Addie confides to Blair that she's never been in love. Sarah, Adriana, Talia and Layla join forces to help each other prepare for the Go Red ball. Nora attempts to sneak a peek at the secret Lindsay contributed to the box.

PART TWO: Jared is irked to bump into his dad after Charlie drops Shane off to spend the night with Matthew. Natalie feigns surprise as Viki reports that Allison has escaped from St. Ann's. Across town at the Hair Haven, Roxy struggles to conceal Allison's presence from Nash and Jessica. Addie decides to invite a date to the ball. Langston coaxes a sullen Starr to come to UltraViolet with her. Bo assures Viki he'll tighten security around the charity event to keep her family safe from Allison.

PART THREE: Todd encourages his daughter to confront the people she suspects of wronging her. Later, Starr lashes out at Cole and Langston for playing her for a fool. Vince, Rex, Antonio and Cristian commiserate about their gender's basic inability to understand women. Jessica confesses to Nash that she broke Allison out of the mental hospital. Dorian smiles when Viki asserts that she and Charlie have no secrets. Starr's jaw drops when she discovers what her friends have been up to for the past few weeks.

One Life To Live
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