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One Life to Live (I): Jessica looks on in alarm as Jared clings precariously to the ledge while simultaneously trying to keep Allison from falling. Dorian scolds Roxy for stuffing secrets in her bra but can't resist sneaking a peek at some of Llanview's juiciest tidbits herself. Todd and Blair return home and are amused to find Jack and Sam snuggled in bed. Markko assures Starr she never has to worry about losing Cole to a girl because he's crazy about her. Cris and Sarah enjoy their private party back at her place.

One Life to Live (II): Taunting Jessica about taking a secret to her grave, Allison deliberately lets loose of Jared and plummets to the ground. Later, Charlie rushes in and pulls Jared to safety just in the nick of time. A beaming Starr returns home on cloud nine and reports to her parents how thrilled she was with her surprise party. Ramsey tells Jessica and the others that Allison somehow survived the fall but probably won't last long. Natalie thanks Jared for saving her sister's life.

One Life To Live
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