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One Life to Live: Episode Recap (2.26.08)

Jessica calls the hospital to check on Allison. Outraged to discover that the mayor has replaced Bo with a lowlife like Ramsey, John decides to give the new police commissioner a piece of his mind. Antonio quickly intervenes, however, and urges John not to do anything which would blow his reinstatement. Meanwhile, Nora is intrigued to discover that Todd harbors a grudge against Ramsey.

Dreaming big for the vineyard, Nash succeeds in having their credit line extended. Ramsey's racist remarks infuriate Talia. Reporting that Allison is in a medically induced coma, Jessica tells her husband she fears the madwoman will take an important secret to her grave. Todd can't resist taking one final jab at Marcie when she appears at the courthouse for her hearing.

Bo asks John to keep an eye on Ramsey for him. Gigi surprises Rex with a question about his experience of finding his real dad after so many years. Pleased when Marcie receives just two years probation and community service, Michael presses his wife to put thoughts of Tommy behind her and move on with her life. Nash gets bad news about the loan he was expecting.

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