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Today on One Life to Live, Rex bumps into Gigi and is surprised to learn she's job hunting. Sarah and Cristian spend more time between the sheet. Clint tells Bo and Nora he believes Buchanan Enterprises' project in South America has been sabotaged. Meanwhile, Natalie explains to Jessica how Jared caught the problem in time to prevent the firm's stock from collapsing. Michael orders Marcie to snap out of it. John informs an irate Ramsey that he's been reinstated on the LPD. Gigi conceals the reason she and Shane remain in Llanview. Realizing he's been tricked, Lee demands that John surrender his badge but the detective refuses. Clint calls an emergency meeting of the BE board. Nash receives a tempting offer from a potential investor. Michael reminds his wife that Sam is safe with his biological father. Cris explains to Gigi how there are no openings for wait staff at the diner. Nora sees a new and somewhat unsavory side to Clint.

One Life To Live
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