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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 2.28.08

Todd announces to his startled family that they're all moving to Hawaii. Viki and Charlie come to the diner on a date. Jared stubbornly digs in his heels when Nash presses him to sell back his shares of the vineyard. As Jessica gapes in shock, Nash then proceeds to lash out at both Jared and Natalie.

Viki is pleased when Charlie discloses his intention to stay in Llanview indefinitely. Antonio and Talia thumb through piles of paperwork in an effort to determine just how Ramsey weaseled his way into his new post. A frantic Starr reminds her dad why she cannot pull up stakes while Blair waits to hear the real reason.

Rex's hero worship of his "father" leaves Charlie with mixed emotions. John promises Cole that Ramsey won't be allowed to hurt him ever again. Nash explains to his wife how he needs to jettison Jared in order to bring a new investor on. Todd shoots down Blair's theory that Ramsey is the motivation for getting their family out.

Natalie persuades Jared to sell Nash his shares. Starr tearfully tells Cole and Langston that she's being forced to uproot her whole life. John and Antonio question Natalie and Jessica separately about Allison's escape.

One Life To Live
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