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Today on One Life to Live, Viki and Charlie smile after spending the night at Llanfair. Starr asks Markko if Langston (Brittany Underwood) and Cole have been lying to him the way they've been deceiving her.

At St. Ann's, Jessica explains to her rattled twin why she needs to pry a secret out of Alison Perkins. As Dorian throws herself into planning her daughter's wedding, Blair continues to insist that Adriana and Rex are destined to honeymoon ... in adjoining cells.

Talia and Antonio's scheme to spend time together in Cherryvale is thwarted by Oliver. Rex confides to Adriana how he recently learned that Charlie is his father. Confronted by a suspicious Blair, Cole and Langston are forced to reveal they've been planning a Sweet 16 for Starr.

Charlie tells Viki that the son he's been searching for is Rex Balsom. Nash faces off with Jare again. Markko advises Starr to trust her boyfriend. Jessica tells Natalie how breaking Alison out of the psychiatric facility is the only way they'll learn the truth about Mitch.

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