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Today on One Life to Live, Rex is stunned when Adriana reveals how Gigi has been hiding the fact that she has a son. Nash again argues with Jessica about her risky masquerade. Lindsay explains how people can contribute secrets along with donations to the "Get It Off Your Chest" box during her Go Red charity function.

John tells Gigi he's been pressuring Todd to drop the charges against Marcie. Though Rex insists he couldn't be Shane's father, Adriana points out his resemblance to the boy and the "coincidental" timing of the birth. Jared apologizes to Jessica, then shows her the contract which grants her husband a full partnership share.

Later, Jessica persuades a nervous Natalie to help her break Alison out of St. Ann's. John learns from Markko how Ramsey has been holed up in Todd's penthouse. Disguised as nuns, Natalie and Jessica escort a gleeful Alison to freedom. Ramsey hints to a seething Todd that his wife and children could become targets.

Addie and Roxy each drop a note into the Go Red box but Lindsay elects at the last minute not to divulge her own deep dark secret. Todd threatens to kill Ramsey with his bare hands if he goes anywhere near Blair or the kids. Rex meets Shane for the first time. John slips into the penthouse and is immediately knocked cold.

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