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Todd rushes to help his woozy sister to safety after Viki emerges from the diner. Meanwhile, Michael briefly enjoys being reunited with Tommy and Marcie. Viki assures Todd that his son is holding up well.

Back in Llanview, Nash snipes at Jared for openly drooling over both Jessica and Natalie. Michael reminds his wife why surrendering now is her only option but Marcie again digs in her heels.

Clint and his daughters are relieved to speak with Viki, who explains why she'd like to stay in Texas until Todd's situation is resolved. Later, Viki faces questions from a curious Gigi, Moe and Noelle.

An emotional Michael frantically attempts to talk some sense into Marcie before time runs out. Starr icily informs Dorian she won't help a traitor like Adriana plan her upcoming wedding. Watching Jessica coo over Bree, Jared expresses doubt that "Tess" truly has returned.

Langston is caught in the middle of a family feud as Dorian turns to her for help with her daughter's nuptials. Anxious to keep her con game going, Jessica allows Jared to kiss her.

Michael slips Marcie's ring back on her finger.

One Life To Live
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