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Part I
Cole and Langston return to La Boulet following their grief counseling session. A gloating R.J. congratulates Lindsay on pulling off a successful scam and literally getting away with murder. Pamela announces to the members of the Buchanan Enterprises board of directors that she is Jared's real mother. Todd demands to know why his sister isn't pressing charges against Marcie.

Part II
Cristian prods Antonio to try harder at connecting with Talia despite their hectic schedules. Cole explains to Starr why he and Langston can't share any part of what goes on at group therapy. Viki tells an irked Todd she feels Marcie has suffered enough. Claiming that Valerie Banks was her sister, Pamela informs Bo and the others that she gave Asa's baby to Valerie to raise. Starr reports that she now has her driver's license ...

Part III
Realizing they spaced out on their friend's 16th birthday, Langston and Cole apologize to Starr. R.J. promises Lindsay her secret is safe with him but cautions his pal that Nora is already suspicious of her. After Pamela departs, Jared calls for a vote on the vineyard purchase and Nash is outraged when Jessica takes his partner's side. Cris and Sarah are both bundles of nerves heading into their first official date.

Viki urges her brother to remember how Marcie saved Sam's life when she adopted him. Jared privately thanks Pamela for lying to the Buchanans...

One Life To Live
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