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  • Todd and Blair wake up together but are soon interrupted by Addie.
  • Todd isn't sure what to make of these new changes in Addie, however.
  • Starr doesn't even try to hide her ambivalence over learning her parents are back together as she points out they've traveled down this road many times before.
  • Antonio escorts Marcie to the police station in Llanview and allows her and Michael some time together, and Michael urges Marcie not to give up hope.
  • Nora regretfully informs Marcie that she will have to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. John moves Gigi and Shane into his apartment for their own protection.
  • Nora accuses Bo of holding their failed marriage against her.
  • Starr wonders what's going on when she sees Cole and Langston together and has no idea that they're secretly planning a surprise party for her.
  • Rex enlists Natalie's help as he tries to find out who his father really is.
  • Rex is surprised to see Gigi at the Angel Square Hotel.
One Life To Live
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