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PART ONE: In Llanview, Natalie and Jessica see Todd's live interview and are stunned to learn that their mom is being held hostage in Paris, Texas. Michael arrives at the chaotic scene outside the Bon Jour Cafe and insists on being allowed to speak to his wife. Roxy and Rex try to reassure a frantic Natalie, who fears that Marcie truly has gone over the edge. Marcie issues a long list of demands to John. Miles tells Adriana why he blames himself for the mess now transpiring in Texas.

PART TWO: Nash consoles his wife as they head to the Buchanan mansion to join the rest of the family. John explains to his brother and Todd why he's pretending to go along with Marcie's irrational requests. Meanwhile, Viki attempts to talk some sense into her frazzled captor. Rex cheers up his dejected mother. Later, Roxy urges Miles not to beat himself up about his small part in the fiasco swirling around Viki. Blair decides to fly to Texas to help Todd and is pleasantly surprised when Dorian offers her jet.

One Life To Live
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