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One Life to Live
July 16, 2008
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Today on One Life to Live ...

Jared wonders if Jessica's forgiveness can be genuine. At the diner, Gigi and Charlie commiserate about the way things have gone for both of them since they came to Llanview.

Down in Paris, Texas, Rex arrives at the Bonjour Cafe and learns from Noelle that Bo has been on a bender. Meanwhile, Bo wanders over to his late father's ranch, where he tells Chuck he's hit a rough patch in his life.

David slips behind the wheel of Dorian's limo, then drives her towards the edge of town. Tess gleefully anticipates the imminent demise of Natalie and her sleazy boyfriend.

Jared pleads his father's case to Viki in hopes of healing the rift between her and Charlie. David demands to know why Dorian is carrying a date rape drug in her medical bag.

Viki borrows Natalie's car and heads to the vineyard. Noelle confides to Rex how Bo seemed to be nursing a broken heart. Annoyed to learn that her plan has gone awry, Tess vows to try again to eliminate Jared and Natalie.

Bo has a vision of Asa taunting him for being such a fool. After the limo runs out of gas, David leaves a sputtering Dorian alone and stranded. Tess spikes her homemade risotto with pesticide.

An inebriated Bo decides to go horseback riding in a thunderstorm. Viki discovers that her brakes don't work just as Dorian jumps out into the middle of the road.

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One Life To Live
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