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One Life to Live

Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on One Life to Live:

Cris warns Tina and Cain that Carlo is the real mastermind behind Jonas' scheme. As he saddles one of Asa's horses, Bo tells Rex he's done with Llanview for good.

Dorian manages to flag down a passing car and is surprised to find Viki behind the wheel. Jessica emerges just in time to snatch the plates of poisoned risotto away from a startled Natalie and Jared.

A furious Gigi rails at Brody for drinking and driving with Shane in the passenger seat. In the dungeon, Antonio assures Talia he doesn't blame her for not revealing her true paternity.

Meanwhile, Carlo announces to the members of the Mendorran press that "Prince Helmut and Princess Tina" are frauds. Tess regains control and berates Jessica for letting Nash's killers get off scot free.

As Brody insists he would never let anything happen to Shane, Gigi icily advises him to prove it by not behaving like a drunken loser.

Though Rex urges him not to go riding in the thunderstorm, Bo shoves him out of the way and takes off at a gallop. Viki agrees to give Dorian a ride. Back at Llanfair, a frightened Jessica begs Tess to call their mother and warn her about the brakes.

Carlo declares Jonas the true heir to the throne, then informs Talia that she will be queen. Rex saddles another horse and sets off after Bo.

Gigi threatens to deprive Brody of Shane's company unless he cleans up his act. Rex looks on in horror as a lightning bolt strikes Bo.

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One Life To Live
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