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One Life to Live
July 21, 2008

In Mendorra, Carlo has Cain sent to the palace dungeon. Following the crash, Dorian is stunned to receive a visit from Mel. Meanwhile, Viki is transported to heaven by a familiar looking angel.

Rex and Bo regain consciousness to find themselves in the year 1968. To add to their confusion, Chuck identifies Bo as "Asa" and Rex as "Bo."

Dorian happily embraces Mel, who chides her for preying on Charlie's weakness. Megan Victoria explains to her grandmother how she's in transition from one life to another.

Later, Viki encounters Asa and is pleased to see that death hasn't changed her former father-in-law one bit. Carlo and his goons march Tina, Cris and Sarah out to a large waterfall.

Niki Smith materializes and reminds Viki that they're tied together in death just as they were in life. A terrified Tina recalls her near death experience years ago and begs Carlo not to make her go over the falls again.

Viki meets Agnes, the woman who's been watching over her for four decades. As Tina frantically protests and Cristian struggles against his captors, Carlo forces Sarah into a raft and sends her into the raging river.

Megan suggests to Viki that it's time she gave Charlie another chance. Bo and Rex continue their strange journey into the past. Mel prods Dorian to atone for her sins. Viki comes face to face with her beloved Ben.

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One Life To Live
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