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One Life to Live
July 29 Recap

On today's One Life to Live:

After awakening in John's arms, Blair assures him she has no regrets about them making love.

Across town, Marty thanks Todd for sitting beside her bed all night.

Tina tearfully informs Cain and an anguished Antonio how Carlo sent Cristian and Sarah over the falls to their certain death. Gigi reports for work and is stunned to discover that the diner burned down overnight.

Still stuck in 1968, Bo and Rex wonder why everyone they know is turning up under other identities. Later, Rex shudders to learn that as "Bo" he's slated to ship out to Vietnam at the end of the week.

Brody asks Gigi if she'd go out with him on a real date. Though Tina feels sure her daughter and Cris must have drowned, Antonio clings to a faint hope that his brother somehow managed to survive.

Meanwhile, Carlo orders Jonas to eliminate Antonio. Todd confides to Marty how much he's enjoyed having her around. Blair and John agree to be just friends from now on.

Though Talia stubbornly refuses to don the wedding gown, Carlo warns his daughter that she cannot escape her destiny. Rex uses his cell phone to try and reach Gigi forty years in the future.

Until tomorrow's One Life to Live

One Life To Live
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