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One Life to Live
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

Carlo proudly introduces his daughter to the people of Mendorra as their new queen. Down below in the dungeon, Antonio regains consciousness to find Cris leaning over him.

David surprises Addie at La Boulet with a romantic marriage proposal. Cole asks Nora what chance he has of winning custody of his child.

In 1968, Renee lashes out at "Asa" for cruelly toying with Emma's affections. Viki bumps into Charlie in Angel Square and explains why she'll soon be leaving for Africa.

Dallas surprises Clint with a visit. Dorian orders David to vacate the premises but he refuses to budge. Cristian sadly tells Antonio he lost his grip on Sarah and feels certain she's dead.

The crowds cheer as Carlo announces that Cain and Tina must die for impersonating royalty. Starr is amazed to feel her baby kick for the first time. Nora warns Cole how ugly things can get in family court.

Addie informs a startled David that she always intended to divorce him. Talia reluctantly ties the knot with Jonas.

Charlie gives Viki the one month sobriety chip he received from AA. Addie bids David a fond farewell.

After finally signing away his parental rights to Starr's unborn child, Cole bitterly informs her that they, too, are through.

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One Life To Live
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