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One Life to Live
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on One Life to Live, Starr confides to Blair how she hasn't had time to process her own feelings about her pregnancy.

An enraged Renee lashes out at Jared for preying on her grief and taking advantage of her vulnerability. Cristian consoles a sorrowful Sarah.

Natalie tells Charlie that despite everything that has transpired, she still stands by the man she loves.

Desperate not to lose Rex forever, Adriana pleads for time to find the woman she used to be and suggests they live apart for a few months instead of filing for divorce.

Blair assures her teenaged daughter she has every right to consider terminating her unplanned pregnancy.

Roxy comes to the hospital to see Charlie and runs straight into an angry Natalie, who berates her for breaking Rex's heart with her lies.

Jared tries to convince the Buchanans he meant them no harm, then moves to prevent Nigel from incriminating himself.

Sarah shares with Cris some of the wine tasting tips she learned from Nash. Adriana decides to return to Paris after Rex agrees to give the trial separation a chance.

Charlie promises a distraught Roxy he'll do whatever he can to heal the breach between her and her son. Bo has Jared placed under arrest.

Rex and Adriana say an emotional farewell.

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One Life To Live
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