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One Life to Live
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on One Life to Live ...

Talia, Antonio and John use a special surveillance van to listen in on Ramsey and his guest.

Cole and Starr volunteer to look after Sam for the afternoon. Rex angrily confronts Roxy and Charlie.

Meanwhile, Adriana explains to a startled Marcie why she's leaving town for a while - alone. An encounter with a talkative mom at the Angel Square diner gives Starr some food for thought.

Gigi, Brody and Shane enjoy a day together in the park. Adriana tearfully apologizes to Marcie for treating her so badly over the last few months. Rex demands to know why Roxy concocted such a cruel lie, then turns his fury on Charlie as well.

Shane asks Gigi if he can take his father's last name now that Brody is back. Starr reminds Cole why they have to be realistic about what to expect.

Shane tells Brody how much he's looking forward to spending their first Father's Day together. Marcie confides to Gigi her hope that the hospital will allow her to volunteer in the children's wing.

Roxy keeps mum when Rex presses her for the name of his real dad. Cole tells Starr how he's felt Marty's presence in recent days.

Later, Cole asks Starr if they can name their baby after his mom if the child is a girl. Rex bitterly informs an anguished Roxy that he never wants to see her again.

The woman in Ramsey's penthouse is revealed to be the "late" Marty Saybrooke. Starr enlists Marcie's help with a fussy Sam.

Tina returns to Llanview in grand style.

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