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One Life to Live
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on One Life to Live:

Bleeding badly from a shoulder wound, John struggles to read the license plate of the limo as it races away. Meanwhile, inside the penthouse, Todd realizes that Marty has no memory of him.

Inspired by a remark from Cristian, Sarah pens a new song to help her cope with the loss of her friend. Jonas pulls a gun on a terrified Tina.

At La Boulet, Starr relates for Langston and Markko how Marcie came to her rescue when Sam wouldn't stop fussing.

John uses his belt to fashion a makeshift sling.

Marty's nurse returns to the penthouse and is horrified to find Ramsey lying dead on the floor along with two other corpses.

Tina manages to escape from Jonas and flees into the park, where she spots her daughter sitting nearby. Todd convinces Janet to help his bodyguard move Marty to another location.

A gun-toting Jonas confronts Sarah and Cris

Out of Cole's earshot, Starr confides to Langston how she's decided she cannot keep the baby and wants to give it up for adoption instead.

Aided by other officers, John heads back into the penthouse and finds Todd alone amidst the carnage.

Following their close call, Sarah tells Cristian she thought she heard her mother's voice.

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