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One Life to Live
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of One Life to Live, Gigi confronts Brody about the sleazy deal he struck with Adriana. Clint, Bo and Nora arrive at BE to find that Dorian has already made herself quite at home.

David drops by Charlie's hospital room with questions about his latest drunken escapade. As news of the police commissioner's murder spreads throughout Llanview, Tina shudders to realize she's become the prey in a massive manhunt.

Meanwhile, Cristian gives John a sketch of the person who pulled a gun on him and Sarah in the park.

Natalie comes to the jail to check on Jared, who confides how he's been having nightmares about Nash's death.

Hiding near Llanfair's back door, Tina yearns to reach out to her sister as she watches Viki playing with Bree.

After hearing Charlie's tale, David wonders if Dorian had a hand in the sordid story.

Though Jared urges her to walk away from him while she still can, Natalie refuses to turn her back on the man she loves.

Brody admits to taking money from Adriana but assures Gigi he really came to town because he wanted to see her again.

Natalie comes up with a plan to free Jared.

Dorian enjoys rubbing salt in the Buchanan brothers' wounds before having them escorted from the premises.

John explains to Talia and Antonio how Ramsey's mysterious guest vanished during the chaos at the penthouse.

Jonas quizzes a perplexed Viki about the missing Mendorran princess.

Later, David stops in and urges Viki to give Charlie a second chance. Dorian invites Gigi to stay on at "Cramer Enterprises" but the young woman flatly refuses her offer.

Natalie asks her outraged father to drop all the charges against Jared. Sarah is stunned when Tina suddenly appears.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of One Life to Live!

One Life To Live
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