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One Life to Live
June 23, 2008
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Today on One Life to Live, Jared tells Natalie that she is the one good thing that came out of this mess. When she worries that Jessica hates her, Jared corrects her that she hates him.

Viki urges Jessica to believe that Natalie is very sorry.

Clint arrives before the funeral and confides to Jessica that he and Bo decided not to press charges because Natalie wouldn't tell them the name of Asa's mystery son.

Lindsey complains when she realizes that Bo won't tell her who Asa's son is but then assures him that it's none of her business anyway. Bo states that he trusts her and tells her that David is Asa's long-lost son.

Addie and David torment Dorian by dancing in their underwear in her kitchen. Things get worse when David admits how hungry he is after all the sex they had last night.

Dorian brings Dr. Bonner to see Addie as a surprise and announces that he is here to take Addie back to St. Ann's. The doctor asks to do an evaluation because of Dorian's concern and then announces that Addie is more sane and lucid than he's ever seen her.

However, he adds that Dorian should get some help. Lindsey reads a note from R.J., assuring her that her secret is safe with him as he feels that she has suffered enough.

She tries to burn the note but Bo interrupts so she hides it amongst some other papers. Later, she panics to realize Bo took the note with other papers to give to Nora.

Roxy encourages Charlie to have faith that he will get Viki back in his life and offers to tell Viki she is to blame for what happened. Charlie insists this is something he must solve on his own.

Roxy goes upstairs and assures Natalie that she is here for her. Natalie points out that she chose Jared over her family and guesses Rex will come around. Roxy lets slip that today is Nash's funeral.

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