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One Life to Live
June 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on One Life to Live ...

As she tearfully eulogizes her beloved husband, Jessica spots Natalie and Jared standing at the back of the chapel.

A gun-wielding Jonas corners Tina as she walks her dog in Angel Square. Gigi tells Marcie how close Shane has become to Brody in a short space of time.

Jessica invites her sister and Jared to take seats in the front row, then proceeds to lash out at them for murdering Nash.

Keys catches John trespassing at Todd's place.

Jonas warns Tina he'll turn her over to the police unless she surrenders the crown jewels to him. When she again refuses, Jonas threatens to shoot the furry "David Vickers" dead.

Though Viki tries to stop her, Jessica shrilly continues to rage at Jared and Natalie. Marcie confides to Gigi how she may have an opportunity for a private adoption of a child.

John questions Janet about the work she did for Ramsey. Jessica explains to her worried parents why she wants to stay alone at the vineyard for the night.

Tipped off by Keys, Todd heads home to deal with John. Musing over recent events, Bo decides life is too short to waste another moment and pops the question to an astonished Lindsay.

Talia lies to Antonio in order to lure him and Cris over to the diner. "David Vickers" chomps down on Jonas' hand, giving Tina a chance to flee. Later, Talia regretfully looks on as Jonas captures Sarah.

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One Life To Live
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