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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on One Life to Live,

In the ER, Jessica becomes hysterical when Michael explains why Nash has no chance to survive. Meanwhile, Natalie tearfully reports to an anguished Jared that Nash is dying. Gigi returns to the carriage house and shakily informs Brody that the truth about Shane's paternity is about to come out.

Across town, Rex forces Adriana to confess that she was responsible for bringing Brody to Llanview. Kneeling in the hospital chapel, a weeping Jessica begs God not to take her husband away from her. As Bo and Sarah lean over his bed, Nash asks for Jessica.

David is deeply disappointed when Dorian reveals how she tricked him. Clint and Viki convince their grieving daughter to return to Nash's side. Gigi fills Brody in on the traumatic events of the evening. Nigel learns from Nora how Jared's masquerade has been exposed.

Natalie apologizes to Nash for being so hard on him when he first hooked up with her sister. Later, Jared vows to spend the rest of his life making up for what he's done. Rex icily suggests to Adriana that she's turned into a carbon copy of her mother.

Realizing that Gigi is suffering from shock, Brody comforts his old flame. Dorian orders a seething David out of her house. Hoping to inspire Nash to fight for his life, Jessica reveals that they're expecting another baby.

Though Adriana entreats him to give her a second chance, Rex turns on his heel and storms out of the loft. As a sobbing Jessica declares her undying love, Nash finally breathes his last.

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