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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 5/12

Today on One Life to Live, David overhears Natalie and Jared talking about how he's not the Buchanan heir. Realizing this could be his meal ticket, David leaves the Bon Jour to head to Llanview.

Cole wins a stuffed frog for Starr on the boardwalk. John and Blair question Winter, a homeless teen, about Starr. Winter sees Starr and Cole walk off in the distance, but will he tell Blair and John?

A drunken Rex turns to Bo for advice about women. Bo wonders if there is more to Rex's feelings for Gigi than he says. Adriana gets comforting and advice from her aunt Addie. Meanwhile, Brody watches Gigi through the window of the carriage house and appears to be on the verge of revealing himself. Shane finds an old picture of Brody.

Backed into a corner, Langston admits to Dorian that Starr is the one who's pregnant. Dorian calls Blair but only gets her voicemail. After reprimanding her for lying, Dorian praises Langston's loyalty to Starr and is relieved to learn Langston is still a virgin.

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One Life To Live
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