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One Life to Live
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March 13, 2008

One Life to Live Part I
Jessica explains to Nash about Antonio and his inheritance. She asks if she can meet the vineyard's new investors but he changes the subject, admitting he's getting an advance from them today. When Ramsey questions Antonio about losing his inheritance, Antonio is curious that it happened right after Ramsey was made Chief. Learning he has a five-year-old daughter whose mother committed suicide, Ramsey denies having anything to do with his money loss but does allow him to work extra shifts if he needs the cash.

One Life to Live Part II
Antonio may lose his job, thanks to Ramsey. He confides his feeling that there is "more going on here" than they know. Secretly looking into Antonio's past, Ramsey assigns Antonio and John to a minor bust. Frustrated they can't find out who is behind the troubles at BE, Bo lets Clint know he's meeting Walter Honeycutt, a long-time friend of Asa's. Natalie warns Clint that her comparative cost analysis over the past 6 years shows that someone is definitely coming after them. Clint's upset when she can't produce Jared's report.

One Life to Live Part III
Jared and Charlie play the recording of her and order her to back off. Dorian counters that Clint and Bo might like to know of their relationship and their plans for BE. Dorian meets with Ramsey but decides not to tell him about Jared and Charlie. Clint's not happy when Lindsay decides to stop by the office. Walter gives Bo and Clint four names of possible suspects. Hearing Lee Ramsey's name, Walter remarks that it rings a bell, but can't tie it to anything. Later, Lindsay reminds Walter they've met before.

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