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One Life to Live
March 17, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on One Life to Live, Jared's heart sinks as he learns how Natalie accidentally recorded his conversation with Nigel. Roxy suggests to Rex that his old lame is still carrying a torch for him. Talia encourages a glum Antonio to remember that Jamie needs his love much more than she needs a large inheritance. Starr tells Langston why she didn't respond when Cole came to the house the night before.

Cole is dejected to receive a "Dear John" letter from Starr. John complains to Ramsey about the Mickey Mouse assignments he's been handing out, then is perturbed as Antonio doesn't back him up. Todd decides to move his family over to the penthouse for safekeeping. Roxy presses her irritated son for details about Gigi and Shane. Jared hurries to BE to prevent Natalie from hearing his secret.

As Talia tries to play peacemaker, John accuses Antonio of sucking up to Ramsey. Shane confides to Marcie how his mom has many photos of Rex but none of his late dad. John checks in on Cole and finds him nursing a broken heart. Determined to hurt her father, Starr urges Marcie to fight for Sam.

Jared fears the worst when Natalie summons John to Buchanan Enterprises.

Adriana returns home just as Gigi makes a tearful confession. Langston assures Cole that Starr still loves him. Todd discovers Ramsey in residence at the penthouse.

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