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March 20, 2008
One Life to Live
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Today on One Life to Live, Natalie wonders how Charlie and Jared could be connected. Nora is caught off guard when Clint echoes some of Bo's remarks about Lindsay. Viki offers to lend a hand at the Angel Square diner after Carlotta is called away to care for Jamie. Cristian shows Jessica and Nash the sketches he's done.

Natalie gets an eyeful of Jared's clinch with Gigi. Lindsay is forced to duck into the shower to avoid being spotted by Bo and Nora. Nash gives Cris' efforts a thumbs-down. As Jared apologizes for taking inappropriate liberties, Gigi nervously assures him she knows it was just a fleeting impulse which won't be repeated.

Dorian works hard to dissuade her daughter from rushing into marriage.

Rex and Natalie both claim they weren't the least upset to witness Gigi and Jared's kiss. Later, Rex lets it slip to an annoyed Viki how Natalie asked him to check into Charlie's background. After giving his brother and Nora the bum's rush, Clint hisses at Lindsay to vamoose.

Sarah saves the day by giving Nash a gander at another of Cristian's designs. Jared confides to Charlie how close he came to being unmasked. Lindsay again advises Clint to use the dirt she dug up on Walter.

Adriana and Rex agree to postpone their wedding until May. Intrigued to hear about Viki slinging hash in Angel Square, Dorian hastily arranges to meet the mayor at the diner.

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