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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
March 21, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Adriana realizes Dorian's been pulling strings to keep her in Paris and confronts her. While talking with Layla, Adriana confides her concerns about finding Gigi and Rex alone together.

Still bothered by seeing Jared and Gigi kissing, Rex pushes Jared too far.

Jared dredges up painful memories of Charlie's failures as a father. He confesses to Charlie that after Charlie left Jared and his little brother, his mother remarried. Jared's stepfather was abusive.

Dorian fails to get a rise out of Viki, who is waitressing at the diner. Viki enjoys working at the diner.

Langston and Markko form a plan for Cole and Starr to spend time together.

Blair spots Cole after he sneaks into the house to see Starr.

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One Life To Live
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