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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 3/27/08

Today on One Life to Live, Nash pooh-poohs Jessica's concern that he's getting in too deep with his mysterious business partner. Viki congratulates Charlie on landing the contracting job at Buchanan Enterprises.

Blair is excited at the prospect of becoming the new owner of Capricorn. Antonio bristles when two fellow officers tease him about Talia's growing friendship with John.

Clint explains to Natalie and Jared why he's asking the whole family to go up to the lodge for a kind of working retreat. Ramsey comes under pressure to cough up a substantial chunk of cash. As she takes possession of the nightclub, Blair promises Antonio he'll always enjoy privileges at his old place. Noting his brother's sensitivity on a certain subject, Cristian wonders if Antonio is indeed jealous of John.

Nigel reminds Jared why it's a bit late for a demonstration of remorse. Jessica hides her disappointment when Nash leaves their bed to handle a last minute problem with the conference in Napa.

Markko admits to Blair how he was the one who convinced Cole to sneak into La Boulet. Talia's playfulness around John continues to grate on Antonio.

A beaming Viki confides to Natalie how well things are going for her and Charlie. Meanwhile, Jared glumly tells Charlie he's not sure how long he can maintain the lie he invented. Sarah can't help wondering why Nash is putting so much faith in her. Cris and Jessica reminisce about old times.

Talia slaps Antonio after his rage prompts him to make a crude comment about her and John.

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One Life To Live
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