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One Life to Live
March 28, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on One Life to Live, Natalie and Jared head to the Buchanan lodge for the start of the weekend retreat. Starr bitterly informs Langston that her father is forcing her to be home schooled now. Downstairs, Addie warns Todd he's on the verge of destroying everything he holds dear.

Blair urges John to speak with Cole before her husband uses the ammunition he has to put the boy behind bars. Ramsey notes the tension between Antonio and Talia go from simmering to boiling over.

Though Clint defends the tactics to which he's stooped in recent weeks, Bo remains uncomfortable with the way his brother has vanquished their rivals. Addie gives her son-in-law some food for thought when she reminds him that Starr is growing up and needs to be able to spread her wings with loving support from her family.

Outraged to hear Talia's tale about her ugly scene with Antonio, John confronts his fellow detective at the precinct house. Clint suggests that Nora ride with Bo up to the lodge.

Later, as an icy winter storm closes the roads and causes a power outage, Natalie fears that she and Jared will be stuck in the cabin alone together all night.

John explains to Cole why he must keep his distance from Starr. Bo's car spins off the road. Jared and Natalie share a kiss. Langston is startled to find Starr holding a home pregnancy test.

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One Life To Live
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