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Clint is tempted to use his new ammunition against Virgil. Viki overhears Natalie interrogating Charlie about his mysterious past and his current agenda. As Nora tends to his cuts and bruises, Cole explains why he and Starr wanted to spend one last night together.

Across town, Blair pulls John off of Todd, who again asserts that Cole will pay for raping Starr. Though Viki scolds her daughter for treating their guest so rudely, Natalie continues her verbal assault on Charlie. Clint thanks Jared for working so hard to save BE. Starr tries once more to make her father understand that Cole never hurt her but Todd assumes she's covering for her boyfriend's criminal actions.

Rex offers to help Gigi find a position as a secretary at Buchanan Enterprises. Charlie calmly fields all of Natalie's questions and informs the young woman he actually admires the way she stands up for her family. Starr bitterly confides to Langston that she no longer wants her dad to be any part of her life.

Layla and Sarah invite Talia to be their roommate. Nora is relieved when Clint assures her he understands about her foray into the box of secrets. Jared notes with irritation Natalie's concern for John when he shows up at Capricorn with a bruised face. Starr tells Blair she will never forgive Todd for as long as she lives.

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