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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on One Life to Live, Rex barges into the carriage house in the middle of the night and tells Gigi he had to see her before he walks down the aisle the next day.

Cristian catches his brother and Talia in a passionate clinch and reminds them they're on the verge of blowing their secret mission. Todd arrives in Virginia Beach, much to Blair's dismay. An impatient Adriana prods Brody via text message to make his presence known to his ex-girlfriend.

Langston explains to Markko how Dorian learned the truth after dragging her to an abortion clinic. John senses that Winter is lying when the young man insists he doesn't recognize the photos of Cole and Starr.

Shane inadvertently interrupts another close call kiss for his mother and Rex. Todd and Blair again argue about their daughter. Adriana fears the worst when she discovers her fiance missing from his loft on the eve of their wedding. As Shane displays the photo of his dad, Rex blurts out that he bumped into Brody just a few hours earlier.

Talia and Antonio finally enjoy some quality time together. Rex returns home and tells Adriana he was out walking alone. Blair insists on having her own room as she, John and Todd check into a beach side motel.

Sarah models some new lingerie for an appreciative Cristian. An awkward moment ensues when Adriana pushes Rex to make love to her but he's unable to comply.

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One Life To Live
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