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May 21 Episode Recap

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Bo plants a passionate kiss on Lindsay just as R.J. walks in. Langston and Markko happily welcome Starr and Cole home to La Boulet.

Ramsey suggests to Antonio that since they both suffer from money problems they might team up to ensure that the highly valuable crown jewels of Mendorra never make it to Lindsay's gallery.

Langston explains to Starr and Blair how Dorian put the pieces together about the pregnancy. David demands that Natalie reveal the identity of the true Buchanan heir.

Uncomfortable about lying to Sarah, Cristian admits how his brother and Talia only staged their bitter break-up. Lindsay informs an appalled R.J. that she and Bo are an item. John explains to Blair why he believes Nora should be let in on Starr's secret as well.

Jared and Natalie realize the only way to avoid knuckling under to David's blackmail is to come clean with the family themselves.

Encouraged by John, Cole hesitantly confides to Nora how he and Starr are expecting a baby. Sarah is pleased by Cris' display of trust in her.

Ramsey reminds Antonio why Talia will make the perfect fall guy for their crime. R.J.'s threats rattle Lindsay. Jared heads to Llanfair and asks his dad to reveal their true family ties to Viki.

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