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One Life to Live
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May 27, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Natalie and Jared are alarmed to discover that their prisoner has gone missing. Meanwhile, David shoves his way into La Boulet.

With Todd knocked cold by the impact of the crash, Marcie removes little Sam from his father's car while Michael checks on Adriana behind the wheel of the second vehicle.

Gigi tells Viki that Brody isn't the same guy she knew ten years ago. Charlie faces the unpleasant task of coming clean with Rex. Todd regains consciousness and is outraged to see Marcie holding his young son.

David explains to Dorian how he discovered that Jared was an impostor. News of Adriana's accident interrupts Charlie's confession and sends him and Rex racing to the hospital.

Marcie rails at Todd for failing to strap Sam into a car seat. Addie tells David she's had a full recovery and is eager to make up for lost time. Adriana icily informs Dorian that she knows how her mother tried to sabotage her wedding.

Addie helps David elude Jared. Determined not to have her entire scheme blow up in her face, Dorian drugs Charlie to prevent him from calling Viki.

Watching Marcie cling to little Sam, Michael gently reminds his wife that they'll have to phone Blair. Rex wonders why Adriana was carrying his toothbrush in her purse.

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