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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on One Life to Live, Natalie gives into her feelings and admits to Jared that she loves him. Jared and Natalie banish thinking about the future and decide to just relish being together as they have sex for the first time.

Blair blames Todd and his behavior for Starr's running away. Blair challenges Todd to take responsibility for his actions and defends her decision of turning to John for help. Starr and Cole are completely honest with one another as they talk about the night they made love and wish things had turned out differently.

Langston and Markko dig themselves into a hole when they cover for Starr by claiming that Langston is the one who's pregnant. Dorian tears into Markko but is quickly sobered by Langston's take on what being a Cramer woman is all about.

John tells Antonio and Talia that he needs to leave to track down Starr and Cole. We learn that Antonio, Talia and John's animosity of late has only been a sham so Antonio can get closer to Ramsey – and bring him down. Antonio and Talia sneak away to spend the night together.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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