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One Life to Live
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on One Life to Live,

Charlie senses that Rex is having second thoughts about marrying Adriana. Meanwhile, Gigi confesses to Viki that she still has feelings for Rex. Adriana urges Brody to step forward and reunite with Gigi and Shane. Adriana is left speechless when Brody tells her that Rex is Shane's father.

Refusing to abandon her plan and knowing Gigi wouldn't do anything to shatter Shane's belief his father is a war hero, Adriana offers Brody money to claim to be Shane's father.

Natalie and Jared wake up blissfully happy in each other's arms and he plans on revealing the truth about himself as soon as they return to Llanview. Natalie's happiness, however, is short lived when Jared confesses that Charlie is his father. Natalie feels compelled to tell Viki the truth about Charlie.

Antonio, Talia and John step up their mission to bring Ramsey down. Antonio makes Ramsey believe that he's a corrupt cop and wants in on whatever side action Ramsey has going on.

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One Life To Live
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