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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's One Life to Live, Starr is tempted to give in to Todd's seemingly genuine pleas to come home but ends the call when she realizes he would never get over the fact she's pregnant with Cole's baby. Todd gets a clue as to where Starr and Cole might have gone and heads off in pursuit.

Natalie and Jared dine at the Bon Jour Café, not realizing David Vickers is working there. David's curiosity is piqued when he sees Natalie and Jared.

Dorian is concerned over Adriana's zealousness about getting Gigi and Brody together. Adriana tells Dorian that Rex is the father of Gigi's son. Gigi confides in Marcie that she's still in love with Rex. A drunken Rex crashes Adriana's bachelorette party looking for Gigi and begins to perform an impromptu striptease. Attention is diverted when Snoop Dogg arrives and performs.

Dorian, thinking Langston is pregnant, tells her she's made plans for Langston to get an abortion. Langston is stunned by Dorian's announcement

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One Life To Live
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