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Cole, Langston and Dorian wait for word on Starr and her baby as Dr. Joplin blasts Janet for leaving the infant alone too long. Todd comes home to find Marty holding a gun on John.

"Bess" returns to the vineyard with Starr's newborn daughter.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells Viki how Tess went into labor shortly after setting the explosive. Marcie reports to Blair that Todd finally seems to be at peace with Starr's decision.

John warns a seething Marty that her so-called savior is actually her rapist. Thrilled to be reunited with Natalie, Clint apologizes for the way he treated her following Nash's death.

A beaming Marcie informs Michael she has a healthy, beautiful baby girl to raise. John tries again to open Marty's eyes to the truth about Todd.

Dr. Joplin regretfully breaks some tragic news to a devastated Starr and Marcie. Confident she's arranged everything neatly, "Bess" surrenders control to Jessica, who awakens to find a baby in her arms.

As Blair attempts to console her weeping daughter, Marcie reels to think that she's lost yet another child. John tells a stunned Marty she has a son.

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