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Relieved to hear that no one was hurt in the explosion, Tina fears her family will never forgive her for cooperating with Tess. Starr informs Cole that their baby didn't survive.

Down the hall, Michael supports a grieving Marcie as she says goodbye to Hope. At the vineyard, Viki and Clint cautiously approach Jessica and the baby she's clutching.

Marty is outraged when Todd confirms John's claim that she has a son. Tina blurts out a full confession to Cain.

Natalie and Jared enjoy the first taste of freedom they've had in weeks. Meanwhile, Viki reveals to a startled Jessica how Tess has been "out" for months.

Cole and Starr struggle to come to grips with the loss of a child who seemed so healthy at birth. Todd tries to explain to Marty how much he's changed but she rages at him for lying so viciously to her for so long.

Cole assures his unhappy girlfriend she did nothing wrong.

Cain urges Tina to run away with him but she realizes she has to stick around and take responsibility for her actions.

Stunned by the enormity of Todd's deceit, Marty reels to learn that he also raped her years ago. Jessica frets that Tess will return.

A heartbroken Starr and Cole bid farewell to their infant daughter.

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One Life To Live
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