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Dorian asks Blair if she's worried Marty may want to pick up where she left off with John. Jessica tells Viki she's just learned she has another alter named Bess.

John coldly informs Mayor Lowell he's resigning from the LPD.

Meanwhile, Cole explains to a surprised Marty how close she was to John before the accident which wiped out her memory.

Jessica fears she's still a danger to her two young daughters.

The mayor threatens to reinstate the charges against John but Nora and Bo team up to force Lowell to back down.

Tired of hearing from Todd how he was only trying to do the right thing, Dr. Joplin advises him to get some professional help.

Though Bo urges him to stay on the force, an agitated John insists he can't do it by the book any longer. Charlie consoles Viki after Jessica tearfully decides to have herself committed to St. Ann's.

Marty snaps at Cole when he pushes her to remember the life they used to share. Dorian doggedly pursues her investigation into the death of Starr's baby.

Marty apologizes to her son and asks him to give her more time to readjust. Antonio agrees to step up as chief of detectives.

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